What is work for you?
Samira: It's a passion - a lifestyle!
What is your passion?
Software development and luckily that's my job!
What else do you like besides programming?
Doing crazy things in Photoshop und sport!
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What is work for you?
Jakob: For me, work is an opportunity to achieve something in my life. When I am very old, I want to tell my grandchildren: "Look, that's where I worked"! Or "See, that's what I made."
What is your passion?
In information technology I am very fascinated by the fact that you can do almost anything with computers. You can create worlds, program tools, or just represent yourself. The world is yours!
What else do you like besides programming?
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  • We started our studies at the Cooperative State University in Karlsruhe.
    Oct, 01th 2017
  • Our first project for university got finished! The task was to implement the frontend for a flight tracker.
    May - Jun 2019
  • Because we enjoyed working together, we decided to found 'SaJak'. Our next project was the App Camsparent for Android.
    Jun - now 2019
  • Our first app gets published at the Google Play Store! In addition we started creating this website.
    Jul, 30th 2019
  • Hopefully more projects and publications will come!